Staff Application[Soyuzpixel]

  1. General Questions:     
  2. What is your in game name?: Soyuzpixel
  3. How old are you?:    15
  4. How many hours a day can you dedicate to Legio Romana?:   2-3 at least
  5. What date did you join the Legio Romana server / forums?: I joined the original server on the []08/02/2017, i have not joined the new server yet
  6. [size=medium]What rank are you in game?: I am Commoner
  7. [size=medium]Main Questions:     
  8. Why do you want to become a staff member on Legio Romana? What motivates you to help our server?:    The Owner
  9. What do you think the purpose of staff members are on Legio Romana?:     at the moment, to help set up the server
  10. How do you think you'll improve the staff team?:     It has 0 members at the moment, by adding me i can make that number one more
  11. What do you think should change about the current staff team?:   N/a
  12. How are you currently helping our community grow?:     we have no commnity at the moment
  13. Do you have any previous experience moderating Minecraft servers?: the past 6 versions of LR
  14. Hypothetical Questions:     
  15. You log on and see a new Commoner join in and spam the IP address to another server, how do you react?:    I would tell them to stop and if they wont ill issue a 5 min mute.
  16. A Commoner pm's you about another staff member harassing them, what would you do?:  I would look into the issue and i would pm oinky on discord and tell him too
  17. You're the only staff member online and the server is going crazy, everyone's spamming chat and won't listen, what do you do?:  I would tell them all in pm to stop spamming and if they continue ill issue a 2 min mute. 
  18. A user spams you in PM about their staff application, how would you respond?:    I would tell them that its not going to help
  19. A new user comes online and asks you for help, at the time you're busy trying to help a more experienced player, which player do you prioritize? Depends on the state of the users.
  20. Other Questions:   
  21.   Have you been staff on Legio Romana before?:     yes
  22. If so, why did you resign?:     i didnt resign
  23. Additional information you'd like to include: I am looking forwards to working on this
Unfortunately due to the little amount of effort put into this application, I will be denying this appeal. Feel free to reapply when your ready.
Thread locked. Application denied.

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